Listed Fund Services


The Fidante Capital Research team offers a depth of knowledge and experience across the listed alternative fund sector. This is reflected in the array of insightful and specialist publications on the sector and on individual companies. Sectors covered include credit, real estate, private equity, hedge funds and infrastructure.

The Research team benefits from its strong relationship with the managers of the companies in the universe by spending a considerable amount of time with them fully assessing and understanding their businesses and investment processes, the performance of their products as well as the associated risks.

In-depth qualitative and quantitative due diligence is carried out which takes into consideration the organisational and operational aspects of the fund management groups, and how they implement their investment strategies and manage their portfolios. To carry out a quantitative assessment, the Fidante Capital Research team has developed an extensive fund performance database which includes data sourced from third-party providers and proprietary contacts, and analytic tools which give rise to a wide range of performance metrics.

Both the Research and Distribution teams work closely together to assess investor and investment manager needs with the aim of developing a pipeline of products which is expected to meet these requirements.

Market Making

Fidante Capital provides full market making and dealing services and specialises in the London-listed alternative funds encompassing hedge funds, infrastructure, credit, real estate and private equity covering 106 lines of stock.

Fidante Capital’s extensive investor network gives access to natural liquidity in a typically illiquid sector.

Fidante Capital is able to effect trades between clients on an agency basis and as principal.

Market Making, Principal, Agency, SETS, UK Domestic & IOB

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Corporate Broking

Fidante Capital’s corporate broking/IR service, which is led by the Corporate Finance team, seeks to provide a service of expert investor relations, sales, marketing, research and pro-active corporate advice that is differentiated from a traditional corporate brokerage service through the calibre of the team and its commitment to a partnership approach.

The highly experienced team has a good understanding of manager and fund considerations, and by working closely with the Distribution team, is able to assist each client in achieving its targets while also meeting investor requirements.

Fidante Capital currently undertakes the corporate broking for 11 investment companies with an aggregate market cap of more than US$ 7.0 billion.